Episode 1 of Blade of Honor Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

Richard Hatch and producers
Richard Hatch and producers

Richard Hatch and producers

After an incredible outpouring of support from fans, the Blade of Honor Kickstarter campaign completed fully funded with over $51,000 in donations!

We’re Grateful for you!

We, the producers of Blade of Honor, are overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion that our start-up science fiction series could receive such care and love of science fiction fans all around the world.

As we prepare for pre-production, we look forward to giving you more ancillary content, development of the Alliance world, major updates to Paths and just plain more fun .

Don’t forget:

that it is still possible to donate to the campaign by donating via Paypal here:


Thanks for joining the revolution.


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  • James High says:

    I am very excited to see this. But I’m just as excited about the whole pack of new and interesting independent science fiction coming out and not the same old garbage out of the major studios.

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