Episode 1 Blade of Honor Wrapped!

The actors of Blade of Honor will be there!

_mg_6902After 4 days, 100 setups, 6 terabytes, and two units shooting madly, Episode 1 of Blade of Honor completed principle and secondary photography in North Hollywood, CA. The exciting production began with shooting the scene aboard the Hermes with Richard Hatch, James Kyson, Rivkah Raven Wood, Brandon Stacy, Jodie Bentley, Julia Morizawa and Jeff Bond, and completed photography on the Deridian home world with Tim Russ, Julia Morizawa, Madison Russ, and Aron Eisenberg. Donors and fans alike were on hand to lend a helping hand to the production and cheer everyone on.

The production raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter in June, 2016 for the production of this episode. Expect an early Summer 2017 release for this episode.

From director/executive producer Mark Edward Lewis: “After 13 years of waiting and developing Blade of Honor, The first installment of the world of the Galactic Alliance and the 12 years war with the animal Calinar was shot in North Hollywood California. I wish you could have all been there, and those donors who were there, feel free to post in this thread your experience so all may see and hear what you experience those glorious four days.

The stats: There were four days of principal photography spanning 36 script pages. There were 100 set ups shot in 48 shooting hours. Three out of the four days we ended on time nearly to the minute! In our second unit we shot over 85 pages of dialogue with nearly every character in the main cast. This content spans nearly every character relationship and aspect of the physical world of the year 2189 and all the juicy bits which might otherwise bog down episodes which need to move plot forward. Our data footprint is over 6 terabytes.

All in all, my guess is that by the time editing is done on everything we will have nearly 3 hours of fascinating and riveting performances from actors, Crew and other creative’s who are in my estimation some of the best there are including talent which you may not be familiar with but you sure will be after this!

I salute the donors and friends of this production – nearly 900 of you – who have put your faith in us. Indeed, even me personally: the story, The writing, the post production process, and of course the directing. I am honored that you have faith in what we are doing – and you have demonstrated that faith with time, resources, promotion and your pocket books. I am most deeply committed to creating a product which will amaze you, stretch your minds about what sci-fi can be, move your hearts, and confront you with a way of looking at the world much the same way as IDIC Did for us over 50 years ago.

So many productions falter after running a kick starter because they don’t have the experience or the talent to be able to successfully execute a production on the scale that their donations have gifted them. We are blessed with an ecumenical production team from many successful kick started productions and we have been able to circumvent the pitfalls which befall them so readily. In other words, we see far standing tall on the shoulders of the productions which of gone before us. And we are grateful for them and of course for your support of those productions as well.

As we move into post production, your support will be coveted, because post production isnt very glamorous since you don’t have actors to take pictures of. We have a VERY visual effects heavy episode here. Capital ships will need to be designed. Fighters will need to be designed. Set extensions created. Plasma beams and rotoscoping and all manner of sound FX original designs and color correction to be done. None of this is very glamorous but is absolutely necessary for us to turn out the product that we believe will blow you away.

Just to sum everything up: thank you for your faith and support of this production. I believe we have a product which you will be proud of, a world youll want to swim deeply in, and characters who you will want to take with you for the rest of your lives.
“May your eyes look sharp, and your plasma burn deep.”

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