Blade of Honor Transmedia Content Teaser now here!

After nearly four months of post production on hours upon hours of footage from our early December 2016 shoot, the teaser for the Transmedia Content is now up on the Blade of Honor Youtube channel!

boh patch

CSS-8 Patch

There are so many innovative aspects of the Blade of Honor series, but none are more than our transmedia delivery. Most of the series which are released have the “exposition” – or the back story and world of the series – layered into the episodes themselves. While this allows audiences to begin experiencing the world as the episode progress, it slows down the story and limits the amount of character development possible because of time constraints. With Blade of Honor our exposition has been completely removed from the episodes and placed in transmedia delivery content. In this content we see exclusive VLOGs of the characters both aboard the USS Hermes and upon Deridia Prime talk about the world of the 2189 Galactic Alliance, their struggles, relationships, fears, successes and hilarious moments – as if you were there with them.

This novel means for distributing a story will be intricately woven into the episodes’ delivery with annotations on the videos themselves informing curious fans about otherwise unexplained concepts which are available in additional transmedia delivery while not disturbing the viewing experience for those who are less inclined to leave an episode’s narrative.

The Blade of Honor channel will likely be the repository for all the transmedia content, and you can look to the channel for more information and content as the series progresses.

For now, please enjoy our teaser of the characters found in the transmedia content:

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