Campaign Perks Ship!

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The Perks and Rewards of the Campaigns ship!

In early March, all of the perks and rewards of the campaign shipped out all around the world. The Blade of Honor team is Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.12.08 PM copyproud to have provided what we promised in both campaigns including the perks and the episode – including over 2 hours of ancillary content for fans to dig into the world of the Galactic Alliance.
Also, digital perks have been sent (except for the illustrated script which we’re still developing). If you’ve not received your links, please consult the notifications from the campaign you donated to.

If you’d like to be able to watch the episode and have not yet donated, you can certainly do that by looking at the IndieGoGo campaign by clicking here and selecting the perk you’d like, and donating using the donate button above or by clicking this link.

We hope you enjoy watching the episode and enjoy delving into the world of Blade of Honor as much as we did making it for you.

Because we are actively shopping this series, PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD IT TO THE INTERNET IN ANY FORM!!!  We can’t be more serious about this. If you upload the episode to your youtube or other free streaming channel/site, it will almost certainly eliminate our ability to get the series sold.

We’d love nothing more than to take your donations in the form of the pilot and turn it into an ongoing series. Should the time come to put on the web, we’ll certainly let you know, but again, please do not upload this episode. 

HOWEVER! Please feel free to show it to your friends and family (again, not sharing this download link with them – since you donated to have this link private for you) and tell everyone about it.

Thanks again for your trust and faith in getting Blade of Honor completed. Now it’s on to the pitching of the show into a series!


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