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Never idle, the writing team of Rivkah Raven Wood and Mark Edward Lewis have been busily adding content to Blade of Honor’s franchise. This week, they completed the first draft of an e-book which should be available for purchase by the end of 2019. This story is a novelization of the proof of concept and should be exciting for any fan of the series to read.

They have also created a card game which is a suped up and faster playing version of their famed “Adult Rules” card game of note (no, not strip poker and nothing to do with alcohol) and includes storylines, characters and more from the series in a clever and addictive (and perhaps friendship shattering) play action. There’s not a set time for release of the game, but they’re expecting it to be available somewhere in 2020.

If you’ve not seen the new cut of the trailer for the series Ken Dixon asked Mark Edward Lewis to create, you’re missing out. When Dixon asked Lewis for a trailer, the Blade of Honor director forgot that the teaser trailer – the only promotional media available – was completed long before final VFX were done on the pilot episode. So, digging through all the hours of ancillary content as well as repurposing lost shots, and the episode itself, Lewis put together a gripping new trailer with all new music and sound effects to blow audiences away.

See the new trailer here!

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