The Story

Deep in the inevitable future of the human race, the Alliance of human planets has created a galactic rule protected by a vast armada of space faring craft and their valiant crews. The best star fighter pilot in the fleet is one, ARINA KARTADES (Julia Morizawa). Following her exploits, we find ourselves on the most exotic and fantastic worlds of the human and local alien ALLIANCE and deepest darkest depths of the galaxy.

Arina finds herself on the bleeding edge of the front lines of a decades-old conflict between the Alliance and the hell-bent-for-destruction animal race called the CALINAR. We follow Arina and the fighter crews of the Alliance carrier Hermes through battle upon battle with their foes while also discovering the gripping and sometimes heartbreaking past which brought them all together. Although Arina is the best Star Blade pilot in the fleet, her commanding officer COMMANDER TERRY LINDON (Brandon Stacy) has his concerns, since her beliefs in the Alliance governed religious Path as a DERIDIAN cause her to sometimes put her crewmates at risk during a firefight. Their relationship is further complicated, since they are betrothed. Arina’s older brother JOHN “HOSS” O’TECJAK (James Kyson) is a no nonsense veteran of more battles than most, but his care for his much younger sister has him make sacrifices that his career sometimes can’t afford. But when the wildly well-connected old flame of Lindon JENSEN “SPOT CHECK” HALIBURTON (Jodie Bentley) is brought aboard, it becomes clear where Lindon’s heart lies. Conflicted between his commitment to Arina and his rekindled feelings for Jensen, Terry and the team fight for their lives in the field while managing the politics and difficulties of spaceborne life in a giant tin can.

Intrigue rises to intrigue as Arina has an encounter with the mysterious Calinar which reveals a galaxy-wide coverup of why the Alliance forces all of its members to belong to one of the 7 religious Paths, why no one has ever seen a Calinar outside of their encounter suits, and why no one crosses the Deridian Path’s Highest Master, YUNI (Tim Russ).

Once Arina’s startling discovery is brought to Alliance Command, a quiet anti-Alliance resistance is formed aboard the Hermes and its influence reaches into the depths of the member worlds. The Alliance and Calinar cast and characters find themselves constantly positioning themselves to stay alive, fight for their race and keep their principles from being shredded upon the blade of honor.