Frequently Asked Questions

As questions come in to us regarding the production, we’ll be sure to post the answers to the most frequently asked on this page.


When will Blade of Honor be available?

Currently, we’re shopping Blade of Honor to various distributors in order to turn it into a series. Once such a deal is completed, we’ll let you all know – but you’ll probably already know!


How can I donate?

While the Kickstarter campaign is running you can donate there. Otherwise, please donate via paypal using a credit card or bank account by sending money to If there is a multiple of perk packages available for your donation level, please let us know which you’d like.


How can I be involved with the production?

Now that production is paused, just continue to spread the word about the incredible world of the Galactic Alliance.


Where will principle photography be?

Until we have our distribution deal, we won’t know for sure.


Is Blade of Honor going to be on TV?

Well, if you mean on your TV, then it’s a simple matter of pulling it up on Youtube! But if you mean on a network, we’re actually looking for distribution from smaller distributors so that we don’t have to deal with losing our creative vision to a battery of folks at a big studio. As the series progresses, we’ll also be approaching corporate sponsorships to help with costs and create win-wins for everyone.


I’d like to speak with someone about equity shares or have my product seen in Blade of Honor.

Fabulous, please drop us a line on the contact form, and we’ll get back to you promptly.