After the discovery of anti-gravity particles in 2023, humanity was opened to the manipulation of the limitless power of gravity. It was only a decade before gravity’s Eudratic Hyperbolic nature was discovered. With this profound law of multi-dimensional gravity grasped, the ability to enter hyper dimensional spaces became simple.


Using the same technology anti-gravity particle emitters use to siphon off accelerated graviton particles, large “HD” drives were fitted into capital-size ships. These drives created transition into hyper-dimensional-space, or “hyper-dim,” by aligning the frequency of the matter in vessel’s hulls with local gravidic frequencies. Once accomplished, the matter is “projected” into the Eudratic event-horizon which “sucks” the ships into a hyper-dimensional space – repelling it from normalspace. No sensation of acceleration or g-forces are experienced by the passengers on the vessels, since they are not actually moving any faster than they had been in normal space.


For the last two-hundred years, travel in hyper-dim has become the newest and most frontier arm of scientific discovery. While there is no air in a hyper-dim space, some dimensions can be experienced without an EVAV due to their circular connection with human life-energy and nominal ambient temperature. However, such experiences cannot be maintained for more than 90 seconds, because the human brain still requires oxygen to survive.


Because of the limitless amounts of hyper-dim spaces, navigation in between 5 and 15 dimensions in a space can be hazardous. Specialized on-board computers are dedicated to navigating what is otherwise an impossible human task. However, if navigated well, travel to anywhere in the known Milky-Way galaxy is possible in days instead of thousands of years at light speed (which, of course, isn’t possible), because of hyper-dim’s transcendance of normal space-time. Also, without the exact knowledge of a vessel’s hyper-dim navigation, it is nearly impossible to pursue another vessel once it has entered hyper-dim. Should navigational computers fail, however, a ship can easily be lost in hyper-dim. As a result, the Alliance has placed beacons for merchant and civilian travel in the various hyper-dim spaces. Military craft have far more reliable and complicated navigational computers which allow them easy navigation of extremely complicated spaces.


As a result of the perfection of hyper-dim technology and the mastery of the manufacture of hyper-dim capable vessels, by 2084, travel to the farthest reaches of the galaxy became possible. Alien ores, technology and communion with other humanoid races became further springboards for advancement in technologies and colonization of other worlds.