The Alliance:


After the successful test of HD Drives in terran capital ships, humans from terra (Earth) had first contact with both friendly and aggressor humanoid life throughout the galaxy. As skirmishes became battles and wars, in 2085 the humanoid populations of several worlds created a defensive pact with each other called the Galactic Alliance for Defense, Expansion and Advancement or the GADEA accord. The member worlds included Deridia, Centauri Prime, Tarag, Terra, Ekein Prime and the fortresses of the Moga-Shiss. Using their diverse and many times incompatible tactics and equipment, this new team of partners were able to beat back and ultimately appropriate the warring and aggressive societies of the Ko-Yun, Vinta, Iquo-Sav, Bigeni and Tchalu-saleni.


Instead of destroying these cultures, the GADEA members decided to incorporate their diversities and expand. Although difficult for the “old guard” of the conquered worlds to accept, after 30 years and a run in with the technologically superior Xi-Van race from the Q-34 galaxy, the GADEA accord quickly became the much larger and more powerful partnership simply called the “Alliance.” Planetary militaries were merged into common design and designatory wholes. Ships and weaponry which were not able to be retrofitted into the new Alliance war machine were either relegated to local planetary defense or fusioned back into base elements to be used in new ships and weapons. Conscripts from around the Alliance were trained uniformly in a common set of tactics that were understood throughout the Alliance. Therefore, crews from one ship could be easily interchanged with another with a minimum of training and transition lag.


In order to insure the diverse nature of Alliance world members had something to grasp socially, the Alliance took the seven most prevalent and philanthropic religions throughout the member worlds and created a series of seven state-controlled religions. These religions were substantially similar to their original belief systems with slight revisions for state control and facility. All citizens of the Alliance were required to choose one to participate in.


By 2131, the Alliance had grown substantially having appropriated dozens more member worlds. It had also successfully decimated several attempts by would-be enemy forces to break the Alliance or outright destroy it. From the mid 30s through the mid 70s of the 22nd century, the Alliance enjoyed it’s golden years.


Twelve years after the bungling of first contact with the fierce and highly organized animal race, the Calinar in 2175, the Alliance has found itself systematically being vivisected by a superior and unified foe. Although the Alliance’ forces are technologically superior to the Calinar, the alien foe appears to have precognition as to where and when Alliance forces deploy. The possibility of spies within Aliiance ranks is impossible, since the Calinar are thought to be animal and easily distinguishable from all Alliance races. Unless something dramatic changes within the next 12 months, the Alliance will break and humanity may face enslavement or extinction.