The 7 Paths:

After the formation of the Alliance the member worlds enacted a mandatory membership into one of seven religious beliefs. Citizens who refuse to belong or do not demonstrate valid reasons for their lack of participation in one of the religious “Paths,” are arrested and placed into labor camps on outlying worlds. The seven Paths were substantially derived from the preexisting member worlds’ most dominant and philanthropic beliefs. Each was assigned it’s own “home world,” training centers and Alliance sponsorship. Because of the diverse nature of these Paths, citizens were encouraged to express their diversity and freedom within the expression of their beliefs. Individual liberty and direct so-called freedom of speech was outlawed.

Ekieni IconEkeini (ɪ̈kɪ̈einɪ̈)
Origin: Alliance Command
LAP: 80 standard years
Deities: Self
Descriptor: Mild, Artistic, Hedonist
Demographic: Lower class/Poor
Alliance Membership: 400 million
Alliance Homeworld: None
Masters’ Special Skills/Powers: Extremely Advanced artistic capabilities in all areas of art, Engineering mastery in all levels: biology, robotics, propulsion, mathematics etc. Some masters even develop the capacity to manipulate data streams from their own biology and/or neurology.
Dissidents & Zealots: .02%


The Ekeini Path evolved from the need for Alliance members to have a place where their religion was a belief in themselves. No need for a “crutch god,” they wished to develop themselves in an “as long as I’m not hurting anyone else and it feels good it’s okay” mentality. Naturally, no institutional eyes religion would suit. As a result the Alliance created this sect in order for ”humanistic” peoples to have a place where they can commune together and be governed under Alliance law.
An interesting development occurred after the Ekeini formed: artistic excellence. Freed from the need to believe a certain way (or so they believed), some of the most captivating art broke forth from this sect, and it quickly became a branding of the Ekeini people. From art came technological creativity, and as a program had to be developed by the Alliance for Ekeini “religious order” advancement, it became clear that a strong part of it would be in scientific and artistic education. A complete surprise to the Alliance came in the form of Ekeini masters developing the ability to directly manipulate data from their own biology. Naturally and quickly, cybernetic implants were created for them to enhance this capability, but still some masters do not require any assistance: they can manipulate data from their neurology.
Since the Ekeini sect is the only “invented” sect without any heritage or history, the Ekeini people have no “home planet.” But, every year, there is a gathering on Sol 3 in the North American continent in its Mojave desert where Ekeini come together and have an orgy of free action, thinking and expression in a non-commercial zone.
Because the Ekeini are far more focused on creating that earning, many of them have benefactors from the Ko-Yun or Iquo-Sav sects who keep them from the life their unsponsored brethren: squalor. Generally, Ekeini are looked down upon by the other sects as misfits or hedonistic urchins, but they are heralded when they create a new technology which makes the Alliance stronger or easier to live in. Ekeini believe the lack of regard they receive from the other sects is due to jealousy, since they are free to do or believe whatever they choose.
Ekeini are not fit for duty with the military and are the only sect allowed exemption from conscription into military service during a draft. However, in an urban area, Ekeini masters are nearly the most dangerous of foes, because their ability to manipulate data without direct connection allows them to control everything around them like a god.