The 7 Paths:

After the formation of the Alliance the member worlds enacted a mandatory membership into one of seven religious beliefs. Citizens who refuse to belong or do not demonstrate valid reasons for their lack of participation in one of the religious “Paths,” are arrested and placed into labor camps on outlying worlds. The seven Paths were substantially derived from the preexisting member worlds’ most dominant and philanthropic beliefs. Each was assigned it’s own “home world,” training centers and Alliance sponsorship. Because of the diverse nature of these Paths, citizens were encouraged to express their diversity and freedom within the expression of their beliefs. Individual liberty and direct so-called freedom of speech was outlawed.

 Iquo-Sav (ɪ̈ku:əʊ sa:v)
Ekieni Icon2Origin: Sol 3. Originally called “Christianity” or “Islam”
LAP: 2,100 standard years – less a 100 year disappearance
Deities: God/Allah/Jesus/Muhammad
Descriptor: Capitalistic, Mildly Aggressive
Demographic: Poor to Middle-Class
Alliance Membership: 12 billion
Alliance Homeworld: Sol 3
Masters’ Special Skills/Powers: Casting – or the ability to manipulate spiritual energy: shields, healing, electrical throwing, metamorphosis, portal travel, even limited shape-shifting.
Dissidents & Zealots: 35%

Iquo-Sav constituents have a past of war and infighting as their heritage. Originating on Sol 3 6,000 years ago in the religion called “Islam,” the believers of Allah and Muhammad found a mortal enemy in the beliefs of the Christian faith which appeared on the planet 4,000 years later. These two beliefs caused a horrific rift in the people of Sol 3 to the extent that 2,000 years of wars between them ensued with tens of millions killed along the way. When the people of Sol developed hyper dim technology and went to the stars, the ancient beliefs of Christianity and Islam received a powerful review from all of their constituents. They felt they had been lied to by their gods and patriarchs, since there was little to no mention of alien species or of the possibility of life on other planets. Moreover, the “apocalypse” that each of the religions prophesied about was clearly not going to take place. When the inter-world wars began, the people of Sol 3, for the first time in their recorded history, were forced to throw aside all indifferences and racisms and fight their foes united. What they discovered was their diversity unified was more powerful than any of the humanoid force they encountered, and war after war was won by Sollers. For a hundred years the ancient religions were lost. Although patches of people practiced them out of respect for their heritage, the hatreds were long gone. At the dawn of the Alliance, when the 7 sects were born, it became clear that a merging of Islam and Christianity mixed with an additional mysticism segment from a Sol religion called “Druid” would form a powerful new sect called “Iquo-Sav” which in the ancient Druid means “power together.”

Although originated with Sollers in mind, many hundreds of millions of Alliance members have come to the Iquo-Sav faith where capitalism, good living, and wealth are as much a virtue as generosity, forgiveness and love. One can find strong Iquo-Sav membership on any Alliance home-world and places of worship are readily found in all their various forms: from tents of meeting to giant landmarks of architectural wonder.

Because of the insertion of Druidic beliefs and practices, Iquo-Sav masters have special abilities around the use of their own “chi” energy as it applies to planetary energies. What two hundred years might be considered “magic” and a thousand years ago be considered the “work of the devil,” Iquo-Sav masters can conjoin bio-spiritual and elemental energies into fantastic displays of force including bio-energy force fields, electricity casting, meta-healing, meta-injury, hyper-dim portal travel planetside, metamorphic capabilities (morphing into something inanimate for concealment) and even the ability to shape shift into something animate to a limited degree. It is one of the reasons Alliance ground forces are nearly invincible given an army with twenty Iqou-Savs and a mechanized force, damage to an enemy is staggering. However, these powers require planet fall, and although Iquo-Savs have power to channel their own energies in space, it is a minor fraction of what is available to them on planets. Moreover, the makeup of the planet itself can determine the kind of powers available to the Iquo-Sav master (including some powers which are a surprise to them).

Iquo-Savs, however, are not keen on warfare, and only a few masters have partaken of the lavish offers given them by the Alliance to fight the Calinar and other forces on the ground. It is certainly the reason that Calinar battles occur nearly exclusively in space. The Alliance cannot be beaten on the ground with Iquo-Sav masters in the ranks.

As a people, Iquo-Savs are spiritual people, but their true deity is wealth. They have no class system except that which is based on your net worth. Perhaps the biggest unwritten sin is that of poverty. This kind of culture also breeds the power hungry, and the greatest frustration of the elite Iquo-Savs is that no matter how powerful they become, they will never match the power or wealth of the Ko-Yun…and the Ko-Yun happily insure this remains so.

Iquo-Sav Characters Revealed so far:

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Fleet Admiral John DiCarrek