The 7 Paths:

After the formation of the Alliance the member worlds enacted a mandatory membership into one of seven religious beliefs. Citizens who refuse to belong or do not demonstrate valid reasons for their lack of participation in one of the religious “Paths,” are arrested and placed into labor camps on outlying worlds. The seven Paths were substantially derived from the preexisting member worlds’ most dominant and philanthropic beliefs. Each was assigned it’s own “home world,” training centers and Alliance sponsorship. Because of the diverse nature of these Paths, citizens were encouraged to express their diversity and freedom within the expression of their beliefs. Individual liberty and direct so-called freedom of speech was outlawed.

Moga-Shiss Icon4Moga-Shiss (məʊga ʃIs)
Origin: Unknown before the ancient origin race of Moga-Shiss left their homeworld (also unknown) and ventured amongst the galaxy in their defense platforms.
LAP: 35,000 standard years
Deities: Jehn-Partan (Supreme Deity – masculine), Jehn-Parchen (Supreme Diety – feminine), Jhin (Supreme Diety – Neutral)
Descriptor: Tribal, Nomadic and highly Spiritual
Demographic: All demographics, but predominantly Moga-Shiss by birth. Few converts.
Alliance Membership: 950 million
Alliance Homeworld: None.
Masters’ Special Skills/Powers: Extremely Advanced Tactical Fighting techniques, other techniques depend on the Defense Platform trained upon.
Dissidents & Zealots: 2% Dissidents – 95% Zealots%

The Moga-Shiss, of all of the Alliance sects, has the most colorful history, and it is certainly one of the most unique. Even the Moga-Shiss elders have no idea of their origins. According to myth, their Male and Female deities the Jehn built “celestial ships” for their chosen people to flee from the destruction of their homeworld when the third neutral gender god, Jhin, broke from their holy trinity/unity. The people, orphaned in space, were to have clung to their spiritual beliefs and wisdom from their two masculine/feminine spiritual benefactors to build additional “celestial ships” and even appropriating technology from other races’ vessels. For a thousand years, the Moga-Shiss were known as the fiercest and most ferocious pirates, and they pillaged any race they encountered in space. Masters of both small single-pilot vessel sorties and capital-grade engagements using their “Celestial Ships,” or as they became known “Defense Platforms,” none dared oppose them.

The platforms themselves were made ever larger and more powerful over the decades, but all of them are powered by a technology which no one in the Alliance understands. In the core of each platform exists an ocean of compressed hyper-dimensional energy.  Although only two platforms have ever been destroyed, there has never been an incident of meltdown or chain reactive explosion from the destruction of a platform or from any manner of damage the vessels may take. These “Core Reactors” create seemingly “clean and safe” energy generating no heat.  On each platform, there are a handful of individuals who “manage” the Core Reactors. They have various tasks, and they do their work inside the reactors. Coming into contact with the celestial energy for decades, these “Keepers” mutate into sub-humans in look, but super-humans in scope: they become both telepathic and telekinetic. No one understands what the Keepers’ actions do to maintain the Core Reactors, but Moga-Shiss law demands that Keepers never leave a platform for any reason. As a result, few non-Moga-Shiss have ever encountered a Keeper. However, it is also for the Keeper’s protection, since they have no training or apparent capability to block the myriad of thoughts and energies from the millions of people aboard the platforms – much less on a world. Keepers are quite content to remain in the habitat rings around the Core Reactors which are designed specifically for them and far away from the disturbing thoughts of “normals.”

Over the years, each of the platforms developed its own culture, until it became clear that a significant tactical training advantage was to be had by assigning dedicated elements and topography from their mythical home world to the major platforms: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Forest, Desert, Jungle, Ice, Plains and Mountains. The greatest of these vessels is the original four vessels: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The other six are younger and smaller vessels, but like the original four, they continue to grow and become more powerful as additional sections are added or stolen.  These 10 massive vessels have evolved into megaloths many miles in diameter with millions of souls aboard. The interior of each of them has their environments completely transformed into the “theme” of their vessel, and it is nearly impossible to find anything “ship-like” aboard; it feels like a world. The leaders of the Moga-Shiss also instated heavier gravity aboard all vessels regardless of size to help with training purposes and to create more difficulty for potential invading forces. As a result, each citizen of a particular vessel has special skills, training and ability which another Moga-Shiss from another “caste” does not, and all Moga-Shiss appear to have greater-than-human strength because of their heavy gravity upbringing.  Frequently the family name of a Moga-Shiss indicates the platform of origin: “Sea” = Water, “Root” = Forest, “Stone” = Earth, “Vine” = Jungle, “Shard” – Ice.

The spirituality of the Moga-Shiss is extremely tribal and feels very much like the Maori tribes of Earth 2,000 years earlier complete with a strict code of honor, a requirement that all serve in the military for 5 years, and a special honoring and “tithe” given to Keepers.

The Moga-Shiss capitulated during the NADEA war when they realized they would not lose their cultural heritage by joining a human Alliance, and gained the possibility of greater technology, power and safety from Jhin by adding the distinctiveness and knowledge of several billion people to their “tribe.” As a stipulation to their joining the Alliance, sect “Moga-Shiss” was created primarily for the Moga-Shiss who refused to be a party to any other heretical religious sect. Some Alliance members have joined the Moga-Shiss, but they are typically met with scorn by “true believers” – those born on a platform. However, converts are highly coveted assets of the Moga-Shiss government and act as “eyes-and-ears” amongst the military and other sects/worlds where they are easily mistaken as belonging to other sects.

Moga-Shiss Characters Revealed so far:


Cpt. Caitlyn Wood


Queen Lina Irem Sky