The 7 Paths:

After the formation of the Alliance the member worlds enacted a mandatory membership into one of seven religious beliefs. Citizens who refuse to belong or do not demonstrate valid reasons for their lack of participation in one of the religious “Paths,” are arrested and placed into labor camps on outlying worlds. The seven Paths were substantially derived from the preexisting member worlds’ most dominant and philanthropic beliefs. Each was assigned it’s own “home world,” training centers and Alliance sponsorship. Because of the diverse nature of these Paths, citizens were encouraged to express their diversity and freedom within the expression of their beliefs. Individual liberty and direct so-called freedom of speech was outlawed.

Vinta IconVinta (vInta:)
Origin: Vintassa system. Originally named, “Chun-Pau”
LAP: 750 standard years
Deities: Gontha (Excellence, Altruism), Chantha (peace), Kimbatha (fertility), Pilantha (wealth) Vilantha (poverty), Quon (afterlife)
Descriptor: Extremely Aggressive/Loyal
Demographic: Poor to middle wage members
Alliance Membership: 8.2 billion
Alliance Homeworld: Vintass 3
Masters’ Special Skills/Powers: Invulnerability for a time.
Dissidents & Zealots: 20%

The Vinta faith is an extremely loyal faction of disciples who believe in a multitheistic faith where the most powerful and altruistic action of a member is death in combat at the hands of an enemy. Having much in common with the Taoist religions during Sol 3’s Feudal Japanese culture, failure or dishonor is served by “Quon-Po” or sacrifice to the god of the afterlife (suicide). The belief includes the great god of excellence and altruism “Gontha” who exists in the energy of human spirit in the form of a giant “ropkol” – a predator bird on Vintassa 4. Gontha’s essence of service and highly moral living serves as the example for all Vinta to strive towards but must never be spoken or prayed to. Only in a situation where the individual is willing to trade their life for help from Gontha herself can a Vinta call upon Gontha. The other demigods serve as connection to the supernatural in their various forms. Not all of these demigods are “light” and some like Vilantha and Quon are evil.
Masters of the Vinta faith achieve an actual connection with Gontha, and can become invulnerable (“Kintass”) for a number of minutes. High masters achieve perpetual invulnerability it is said. This skill can see a Vinta through unaided exposure to space, fire, air-less liquids, radiation and more. Although dismemberment during the time of invulnerability causes the limbs lost to be useless, if reconnected to the head before the period of Kintass completes, the Vinta will become whole again and have full use of their faculties in moments.
A highly aggressive system of beliefs where anyone not a part of the Path is considered an infidel, its strong service aspect balanced its people for centuries. This service aspect has three core values to it: honor, loyalty and selflessness are as strongly held to by Vinta members as the hatred of other Path members.
In incorporating the Vinta faith into the Alliance’ seven Paths, much of the murderous intentions toward other members were removed and filled instead with additional service programming. The Vinta faith appeals to much of the poor in the Alliance due to its strong emphasis on service, and many impoverished members of other faiths convert to Vinta upon receiving assistance from its members. The alliance military forbade any Vinta believers from entering service due to their suicidal tendencies toward failure. But after 12 years of losing the war with the Calinar, the Alliance reconsidered its position and now Vinta pilots and ground forces can be seen throughout deployments.
The Vinta are very controlled in their speech, reasonable in their actions, and calculating in their thinking, but get them on the subject of their beliefs or their families and you have some of the most passionate people in the Alliance.

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