Ranking Systems:

The Alliance systems of rank are broken into two categories: Military & Paths. While the religious segments of society have no legal requirement to display the military rank of a parishioner, military uniforms must always display any Path Rank earned by a conscript in order to facilitate other conscripts’ honoring/avoiding dishonoring the beliefs of a fellow crewman.



Path ranks demonstrate achievement from within each of the 7 Alliance Paths. All Paths have the same ranking system and are delineated by stripes worn on the cuff or arm of the conscript. Each Path has it’s own color and except for the gold ranks and insignias of the military designations are the only other color on the uniform:

1st Degree: (One Stripe)

2nd Degree/Instructor Grade: (Two Stripes)

3rd Degree/Sub-Master: (Three Stripes)

4th Degree/Master: (Four Stripes)

5th Degree/High Master and higher: there are no military designations higher that 4th Degree since there are no persons of these ranks in the military due to their commitments in their corporate Path. However, anyone on civilian contracting with the military with these ranks simply wears a broad single band.


Colors for the paths are:

Ko-Yun: Purple

Vinta: Orange

Deridian: Green

Taragian: Gold

Iquo-Sav: White

Ekeini: Sky Blue

Moqa-Shiss: Red