Blade of Honor Alliance Path Survey

Take this survey to determine your place in one of the 7 required Alliance Religious All 7 VerticalPaths, and discover your destiny.

You may find yourself close in several paths after submitting your questionnaire. We encourage you in such a case to explore all of those paths for which you have score highly, and chose the one which matches you best. Scores below 10 are weak scores and do not necessarily indicate you are a good match for a path. Scores over 18 are VERY strong and almost certainly indicate your membership to a Path. A perfect score for a single Path is 31.

Q – If you were in an acquaintance’s home and saw a light was out you would:

Q – You discover someone at the office is lying about their Alliance income taxes. You would:

Q – You are offered the opportunity to partake in controlled substances from someone you trust. “You’re going to have a great time” is the pitch. You would:

Q – A child asks you if you can help them across a busy thoroughfare. You would:

Q – You’re put in a life-or-death situation on a planet where you have to use your super-power to save your loved ones. You would want this power at your disposal:

Q – You like the color:

Q – War to you is:

Q – For you, Art/Music is:

Q – Love to you is:

Q – If you met someone who didn’t believe the way you did (about spiritual things) you would:

Q – If you were given a large sum of money, you would:

Q – For you, living in peace without ambition on a beautiful world feels like:

Q – For you, having no money, but being able to be totally free to express your creativity feels like:

Q – For you, living without a permanent home, but in a very tight knit community which keeps you from harm and supports you feels like:

Q – For you, living it up and having a great time with friends who will just as easily backstab you and take everything you own feels like:

Q – For you, living with honor and focusing on excellence at the expense of frivolity and adventure feels like:

Q – For you, having all the money and power but no freedom feels like:

Q – For you, having freedom to strive toward your dream at the expense of security, loyalty or connection feels like:

Q – If you had a dying wish it would be:

Q – Someone points a lethal weapon at you in a dark alley. You would:

Q – Family is:

Q – One’s Relgiious Beliefs are:

Q – If You Had Your Own Planet It Would Be:

Q – Your Childhood Was:

Q – Which Word Resonates Most With You:


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