Julia Morizawa


Arina is an orphan who narrowly survived a massacre from the human Alliance’ deadliest foes: the Calinar. She was taken in by the masters of the Deridian religious sect where she was trained into one of the finest warrior-practitioner-masters the order had ever seen. Instead of moving up the ranks of religious enlightenment, however, she joined the Alliance Navy where she quickly become the best pilot the Alliance has ever seen…but her past still haunts her. She fights every day for her religious freedom to desecrate the bodies of her foes – even in the face of conflicting orders.

Arina is engaged to her CAG, Commander Terry Lindon, but her dissonance with his religious beliefs causes tensions in their personal and professional lives. Still, she is respected throughout the Navy and not even capital ships can compete with her kill sums. Arina loves a good explosive decompression of a Calinar (or “Terp”) fighter, a great meditation honoring the Great Rialtar and she is secretly afraid that her military compatriots and her Yuni will discover the mountain-weight amount of personal fear and insecurities she manages from moment to moment.


Tim Russ


Yuni of the State Authorized “Deridian” religious Path is the most respected practitioner of the Deridian faith. He has trained hundreds of acolytes and brought tens of thousands to the faith. He is of the most serious mind, but he is also of the most serious intent to control. Selling his proverbial soul to the Alliance government in order to gain his current position, Yuni now allies himself with the human Alliance forces to vanquish the evil Calinar.

Yuni was raised on Centauri 3 where he found the Deridian faith early. He moved through the ranks quickly and was one of the youngest Masters to ever pass the trials. When the political elite approached him to assist in “steering” the Deridians, he was more than eager to receive a “secretive” power boost. Within ten years, Yuni had seen the “untimely” deaths of all of his competition, and his career rose to the top of the Deridian sect. His students and cohorts became the Derian ruling elite and hundreds of millions fell to his charms and rhetoric.

Yuni, like the rest of the Masters, martialled his energy into the discipline of the “tsu-chang-kheti” in the original Deridian or “air bending.” He can levitate, create over and under pressures and crush with his ability to manipulate air…and he is more than happy to insure that his opposition discovers the magnificent skills he possesses.

Yuni loves a good funeral of a political opponent, a great rally where the sheep – his sheep – worship him…and Great Rialtar, and he is secretly afraid that one of his students might achieve greater skill and political connection than he has. That student would destroy him.


Brandon Stacy


Terry grew up on Earth with his father. His mother died while behind enemy lines in the Chinzu war front as an advanced Force Recon Marine. His high education scores found him a seat in the elite command college of the Alliance Navy where he felt he could honor his mother’s memory and her commitment to making humans the rightful rulers of the animal races around the galaxy. A devout Ko-Yun, Terry met Jensen Haliburton on his mission to the colonies. They shared a passionate but brief love affair until the Calinar arrived and rained death down upon the colonists. Terry single handedly saved a badly wounded Jensen and several other colonists, but he received a third degree plasma burn at his brachial nerve cluster from a lucky Calinar shot. It causes his hands to shake when untreated. Fortunately, Alliance medical gave him medicine which stops the symptoms. Returned to duty, being a crack Star Blade pilot himself, he saved the lives of more of his compatriots than anyone would like to admit. Rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, he led countless sorties into Calinar colonies that crippled their war effort and gave the Alliance powerful strategic advantage. Fortunately, he was promoted to Commander and Commander Air Group of the Hermes heavy carrier, because his hand shaking would have had him grounded anyway.

It was in those sorties where he met and Arina Kartades and witnessed her prowess with a Star Blade. Although it was generally frowned upon for a man to pair with a woman of a different faith, Terry realized the future of his career could be had on the back of Arina’s skills. He quickly began courting her – as well as having her moved to his air wing. Within several months, she accepted his betrothal. However, 6 months later, Jensen, fully recovered and now a Lieutenant, is assigned to his wing as well. His passion for her is as strong as ever, but, a man of duty, he will not violate his oaths to Arina or jeopardize his career goals. Moreover, the “hi level family elite” which Jensen hails from would never allow her to pair with Terry. But still their attraction remains. Lindon finds himself caught between his career, the safety of his squadron and his love and commitment for a very strong pair of killers: Arina and Jensen. Lindon sees so much of his mother in Arina: fierce, passionate and lethal, but his commitment to the war effort, in the end, may not have him marry his insubordinate fiancée. Lindon loves a good victory intel report, a great night under the stars, and is secretly afraid that if he were presented with the opportunity to leave the Alliance and live a “normal life,” he’d take it in order to avoid the inevitable: sending the love of his life and/or his betrothed to their deaths.


Richard Hatch


Fleet Admiral DiCarrek is the most powerful and highest ranking officer in the Alliance military. Although other flag officers hold similar ranks in their branches (i.e. 4-star Generals) none have amassed the political power or the savior-like following in the military as he. Born on Earth to two politically active parents, he grew up in the hub of Terran politics: New Washington on the Eastern seaboard of the North American continent. The assassination of his father on a diplomatic mission to Centauri Prime found him raised by his mother who did her best to teach him the sometimes wayward ways of the political elite. His devotion to her was unswerving until her death by capital punishment for treason when he was 19. He was a relative late comer to the military ranks conscripting into Officer Candidacy after earning a Political Science Degree, but due to his family connections and manipulation skills, he quickly rose to command by the age of 30. Finding himself captaining destroyers in the wars leading up to the GADEA accord, he saved the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers with his brazen tactics and brilliant maneuvers. At 38, DiCarrek was double promoted to Commodore – skipping the Captain rank – and was assigned a squadron of destroyers. It was his skill which had the Terran coalition win out against the most aggressive race: the Vinta. However, his real ability came into the fore when he singlehandedly laid the groundwork for the peace accord with them.  After this, he was promoted to Admiral, and from there, his power-hungry nature was revealed as he systematically and virtuosically unseated his rivals. When the GADEA accord was signed, he insured he was one of the signatories, and his connection to the highest powers in the Alliance was sealed.

Shortly thereafter, the bungling of first contact with the Calinar took place, and the war with the animal race began. The outbreak of hostilities found the Admiralty demanding DiCarrek be promoted to Fleet Admiral and take dominant control over the war effort.

DiCarrek is not a family man by any means. He’s had few loves last longer than a few months. Although he’s an excellent leader and an even better motivator of people, his true aims are hidden behind a highly polished, political, professional and personable exterior. But down deep, all of his passion for power fuels an inexhaustible supply of grief and powerless regret over not being able to save his mother from the clutches of the democratic government.


Jasmine Waltz


H.A.V.I. (Human Assistant Vehicle Interface) 20s, Caucasian Female

HAVI is a program fit for the quadrotronic systems aboard heavy and assault carries in the Alliance Navy. Her specific role is to maintain all systems aboard ship, insure the crew is also well maintained both physically and mentally, and manage the security of all systems. The HAVI program was developed on Earth by Dr. David R. Gonzales. Gonzales and his team are noted as being the strongest proponents of integrated large-format vessel systems which monitor the animate and autonomic systems automatically and efficiently. Against his peers, he jettisoned Azimovian rules (which protect human beings from malicious computer behavior) and championed his proprietary cocktail of behavioral mandates which, in his view, are far more useful in combat and allow for AIs to kill other human beings under orders or in defense of military interests. HAVI in all her manifestations across the Alliance Navy has never had a malfunction which ever endangered a crew member. She is the ultimate expression of the best that the human condition can create.

Her quadrotronic matrix is easily able to handle the complex computations of deciphering human past and present malicious behavior alongside humanity’s benevolent side…and knowing the difference in nanoseconds threat from friend. She also has powerful existential exploration capabilities which, although require incredible computational resources never interfere with her duties due to an ingenious “pigeon-hole” algorithm which allows her to shunt difficult problems into nested “digital freeze” for her to manage when she has more computation bandwidth.

Her program allows her to be extremely inquisitive, playful, humorous and able to play long-term political ploys when necessary in order to fulfill Admiralty requirements around command observation and testing in the field.

Her systems are ship-wide, and an image of her can be projected anywhere on the ship in order to enhance human connection. This image is the 23-year old representation of  Dr. Hernandez now deceased wife: Madelyne.  Having the same HAVI image on all Alliance carrier vessels has proven wildly efficient in the ease of transition for crews between ships. Dr. Hernandez has studied HAVI for years and has discovered his program has a propensity for probing into the minds of crew members and having them tell her things which they’ve never told anyone else. She develops a sort of “Psychotherapist” bent after a few years almost as if its entertaining for her. Dr. Hernandez has assured Naval intelligence that it is a completely harmless byproduct and most likely helps crew members feel safe and “at home” on board ship – especially since there isn’t a technology in the galaxy which could either hack or interpret HAVI’s memories and use such personal information against anyone. HAVI loves winning a game of trust with the most closed-off crew member, coming to a new conclusion about the nature of sentience, and is secretly afraid the pigeon-hole algorithm will fill up with the pedaquads of data she is amassing around the subject of her deep loneliness and desire for what must be love.


James Kyson


John is a man’s man who grew up in New Korea on the West Coast of the North American continent of Earth. Korean by heritage, he was raised by his three sisters after their parents were killed in the San Diego Chinzu attack. Holo-Teck programming being his family trade, he and his sisters kept the business alive with white, grey and black market entertainment and eventually branched into hyper-immersive combat simulators for all branches of the service. Marines, gunners, pilots and Cyber-militia could all hone their skills and stamina in the relative safety of their bases. They made trillions.

It is why John fragged all of his instructors and examiners when he applied to the Naval Aero Program under the name “O’Tekjac” instead of his given name Chung. John applied and graduated from the NAP within 36 hours…a two year program. The youngest double-ace in the history of the Alliance, John constantly rewired his displays and cockpit interfaces to be more streamlined and effective. Within 12 months of service, the Navy adopted his cockpit genius into all Star Blades and promoted him to full-Lieutenant…at the age of 19. John found himself the head of a squadron and space-born at first-contact with the Calinar. He witnessed first-hand its blunder and the vaporization of his team, his carrier and all his friends. He only survived because of his ability to constantly rewire his crippled Blade to stay alive until help arrived. Constantly promoted, John refused all advance, stating that he’d rather stay in the fight than lead. Secretly, however, John has never recovered from the deaths of his friends that day.

In order to maximize their booming Holo-Tech business, his three sisters and their families moved to Collossus 2, 1,400 light years from Earth. Their family became one of the richest families in the Alliance – until the Calinar Terps claimed that system and all the colonies in Sector 4. Reports were that all humans were killed.

Now, 15 years later, John flies with the most decorated Star Blade pilot in the Navy, Arina Kartades, as the second most decorated pilot and her wingman. He has no worry for money, and regularly donates funds to the families of fallen warriors, but his soul is lost. He suffers no fools, and no amount of hyper-real hyper-violent Calinar-killing-spree holo—tech-sim makes any of it any better. John loves a good Terp waxing, a great night of nightmare-less sleep, and is secretly afraid there may not be enough plasma rounds in the Alliance for him to kill enough Terps so he can be at peace for the death of his sisters.


Rivkah Raven Wood


Captain Caitlyn Wood was raised among the aggressive Moga-Shiss. An ancient race, one of the Alliance’s religious sects was taken from their indigenous belief system. The Moga-Shiss are a mixture of native living and the most modern technology as they promote their highly spiritual and aggressive lives aboard massive space-borne battlements. The skulls of their conquered enemies still adorn the spires of those stations some of which being decades old. Caitlyn was raised among 6 other siblings by a royal family aboard the Kai-Trellu station. She and her siblings lived the sheltered and privileged life among the millions on that floating war machine. When the GADEA nations called for war and conscripts, Caitlyn had to break from her traditions and responsibilities as the youngest sibling (who normally takes care of the parents) and joined the Alliance war machine. Her finely honed moga-shiss hand-to-hand and particle weapon skills made her a warrant officer within weeks of basic training, and she was a rare female pilot among the Marines. Four years of a near perfect record of sorties found her promoted to Lieutenant Commander. At that time she met Admiral John DeCarrek who found her value as a commander and reassigned her to Naval Aviation proper. He gave her a coveted seat in the testing program of the Alliance’s new advanced fighter called the “StarBlade.” As a result, when the fighters were distributed across the quadrant, she had her choice of any command anywhere, and she chose the billet of Fighter One aboard the USS Zeus. She was the Alliance top pilot due to her superior tactics, ability to train fellow pilots and her vast knowledge of the StarBlade itself. 

But when she fell in love and became betrothed to the CAG of the Zeus, DiCarrek was displeased. His personal visit to “inspect the ship” had him discover that Caitlyn was also pregnant. Her plans to leave the force and return to her Moga-Shiss family to raise the baby (as per her tradition) had Dicarrek furious. Shortly after his disembark from the ship, the CAG of the Zeus  met with a tragic shuttle accident on a routine mission. In Caitlyn’s distress, she lost the child. DiCarrek swore to her that he had nothing to do with any of it. Furthermore, he informed her that there was a similar accident aboard the Hermes – his flagship – and that shuttles of that vintage were being recalled. Trusting him at his word, Caitlyn accepted an unprecedented double promotion from Alpha Commander to Captain and the stand on the Hermes. She was sent to Earth to “Captain school” for six months. When she arrived aboard the flagship she was the youngest Captain in the Alliance at age 32.

For six years Caitlyn has been under the excellent tutelage of DiCarrek, and the Hermes has been under the excellent control of Wood. She has a secret relationship with Lieutenant John O’TecJac, but neither of them will move forward with any sort of commitment. Six months ago, a fusion reactor went critical leaving the Hermes crippled near Calinar space. Caitlyn along with rescue workers saved the lives of several of the engineer crew, but a near tragic protomatter/deuterium reaction had her exposed to a near lethal dose of radiation which left her nearly braindead. Only the incredible medical services of the onboard ship’s digital team saved her. She is now recovering well from the ordeal, and she has a neural implant which continually diverts misdirected electrical impulses in her cortex (due to the radiation) to their correct end. Without this implant functioning, she would go into an immediate coma. Therapy is improving her neurological and motor situation and in time may find her need for the device superfluous. Captain Caitlyn Wood loves piloting StarBlades (or anything) at top speed through high-G maneuvers, a good chat about the old days with an elder around a fire, and she’s secretly afraid that her career and aptitudes for the military may find her a spinster when she retires if the chip in her head doesn’t kill her first.




Cage Drumél is a mystery to most. Records indicate his doctoral degrees in hyper dimensional physics and engineering make him much smarter than most. Beyond that the record shows him as a single Vinta sect male who acts as a civilian contractor to the Alliance Navy specifically in engineering and repair of special operations technology. Although he has been offered honorary officer commissions, he has chosen to remain a civilian while stationed aboard flag vessels. He has been repeatedly researched and undergone extensive loyalty and informational secrecy examinations where his scores are ever in the upper percentile. He is, at least on the record, a perfect specimen of civilian resource to the Alliance.\

Off the record, however, his past is twisted, colorful and the reason why his uncracked exterior must remain perfect. Vinta followers must spend 4 years serving  in the sect militia in order to become more disciplined and be more engrained in the Vinta faith. Naturally, this makes them ideal candidates for Space Army/Marine membership in the Alliance. But, Cage who began life as T’Charto Ben Falcore, was the product of his angry and abusive father raising him alone with his two brothers. Escaping from his duties as a Vinta male, he stowed away aboard a freighter. He began working for a crew which became one of the most infamous pirate bands in the quadrant: the “Juggernots”. Learning their skills of leverage, information manipulation, and op tech design – especially as it related to ship and personal defense, T’Charto became a full member of the crew at the age of 21 – on his birthday. It was also the day he killed for the first time when an Alliance Customs Cutter stopped them on suspicion of piracy. As was the way of the Juggernots, reboarding was the course to victory and within 6 hours, the Cutter was rechristened the Juggernaut vessel named: the “Cage.” To honor the birthday boy who had fought so bravely and killed his first few Alliance men, T’Charto was given command of the cutter and a small crew. For several years, T’Charto supported his mentors in pirate actions including kidnapping and ransoms – where the crew of the Cage made the most credits. On one such ransom run, amongst the many abductees was a beautiful daughter of the Alliance named Janice Talora. She was a fellow Vinta but had found solace in the peace and beauty of the gods. T’Charto found her intoxicating, and because of the length of the journey to her Alliance parents, T’Charto fell in love with her. But when the crew discovered his love for her, they immediately had her killed stating that no ransom is worth love. He went wild with rage and was immediately relieved of command. Convincing the crew days later that he had recovered, he disabled the Cage and fled from his piracy life in a shuttle never to return. 

Returning to his Vinta roots, he spent two years underground working for a hacker syndicate before he created a believable enough cover to fool anyone. He also bathed himself in the peaceful aspect of the Vinta sect which had him so enthralled with Janice, and he began attending services as “Cage Drumél.” Two years to-the-day that Janice was killed, he approached an Alliance Naval Intelligence office and applied for his services as a civilian contractor. After his interview and six months of tests, he no longer had to stow away aboard any ship, he was stationed on the Alliance destroyer Styx where he made a name for himself giving the crew and Marines powerful advantages in combat. His name spread over the course of years. 

He dated many a lovely Alliance officer, but none could ever match his allure for his lost love. He was eventually put aboard the flagship of the Alliance, the Hermes. There he serves flight crews with his talents and maximizes their StarBlades’ fighting abilities.


Jodie Bentley


Jensen grew up in the rich and ritzy lunar Golon City in the center of the “Sea of Tranquility.” Her life never saw the horrors of war, and she was groomed to enter the ruling-class elite of the Haliburton family as they have done for hundreds of years. On her mission for the Ko-Yun faith on the outskirts of the colonies she met and fell in love with fellow Ko-Yun Terry Lindon – also on his mission. The relationship was not to last, however, because Terry’s life was deeply rooted in the military and hers in the elite. But when the Calinar sent shock troops into the colony, Jensen was badly wounded and Terry defended she and several others until Alliance forces arrived. She spent 6 months on the Alliance carrier Hercules until she was well. By the end she had seen hundreds of men and women go through the meat-grinder of the war with the Terps from her bed in the infirmary, and her passion to defend her race became insatiable. Moreover, her Ko-Yun religious training in the energy-healing arts was a major benefit to wounded fellow pilots and crew as she became well.

She joined the officer’s core against the wishes of her family…but due to that same family and its influence quickly rose through the ranks until she found her true love: the Star Blade. Unshackled by physical ailments or family politics she felt like the most powerful person in the galaxy at the controls of her killing machine; unstoppable. Still, however, her heart was hallow. Having been promised to a man from another elite family for familial political gain, her longing for her Terry grew. Using her influence, she had herself assigned to the heavy carrier Hermes where Terry was CAG; now her commanding officer. There, her love for the Star Blade waned under the unquenched blaze of her passion for Terry. Unfortunately, he was already betrothed to a little Fray-Trash (freighter trash), Deridian, hussy, heretic…who now even outranks her. Now she must watch as her former lover continues to wither under a wound which he received trying to save her – and marry a woman he doesn’t love. But he is not only to blame, because she knows that her status and responsibilities would never allow her to pair with Terry either. The military becomes the perfect discipline for them to be together and appropriate. Jensen loves a good particle beam bath, a great ace-kill sortie and she’s secretly afraid her feelings for Terry may accidentally/intentionally get Arina Kartades killed.


Aron Eisenberg


Raejin was rescued as many Deridian orphans are by a Master on a quest/mission for his 5th degree. Raejin was starving aboard a critically damaged passenger liner which had fallen adrift in Hyper-Dim. Most of the crew and passengers were killed in the reactor rupture event during their wayfare. What struck Master Treyune when he encountered Raejin was that the child of 8 standard years had already created a strong connection with the air-power and could create Fal-Tor-Kan: Airbending. In fact, it was this gift which had cushioned him against the blow of the ship rendering normal space while the Inertial Dampeners were failing – where the rest of the crew was turned into mulch against bulkheads.

Raejin was trained in the standard Deridian way of battle and religion, but his mastery of Airbending rivaled that of even Yuni. When Yuni’s airbending technique was nearly (and embarrassingly) beaten by the acolyte, Yuni took to training him personally. Raejin’s fear and rage was quickly appropriated under the umbrella of Yuni’s calm-yet-lethal outward demeanor. Raejin then became Yuni’s personal “assistant” but it became clear to all who even heard a whisper of or a shadowy shape near a Deridian master who’s untimely death assisted Yuni’s rise toward Grand Master.

Raejin was smitten with Arina Kartades during her training. He trained her in many art forms including his mastery of airbending and ship flight. It was this special attention which had Arina rise up and become the finest student the Deridian masters had ever seen – and drew the concerned eye of Yuni. 

Raejin was crushed when Yuni informed him that Arina had suddenly left Deridia Prime and joined the Alliance Navy, and he waits patiently for the day that she will return – and hopefully she will be his mate. 

Raejin loves discovering a new way to crush the interior chest cavity of a human using airbending, the beauty of his home planet of Deridia during the Spring, and is secretly afraid that no matter how many political assassinations he carries out for Yuni, his love, Arina, may never find him worthy…or worse…she’ll find another.